Joena Cat's La Fayette                       
                                              10- 08- 2004  mco g 09 22  Black-tortie-tabby-blotched-wit


Gentlemaine of the Catwalk

MCO d  Red-tabby-blotched

Cartouche van Ravelingen

MCO n 22                         


                                          Coonyham Sheridan                 MCO n  22                          Brown-tabby-blotched
                        Cooncreole Cajun Cowboy MCO n 09 22


Saintclouds Cheyenne         MCO n 22                                  Springfield's Chassy              MCO g 22                             Blue-tabby-blotched                                        Cozy Farm Lucifer             MCO n 22                 

Cozy Farm's Ibiz                 MCO g 23   

Savannah of the Catwalk

MCO fs 22                         



Ch.                                     Racoone's Shadowdancer of the Catwalk                                       MCO gs 22                            Blue-silver-tabbby-blotched                        Willowplace Tomahawk of Racoons                                   MCO g 22                 

Nevada Des griffes Vigaureus                           MCO fs 22

Cooncolonia Kir Royal               MCO f 22                           Tortie-tabby-blotched of Fundy lord bryan of cooncolonia         MCO n 22                                Cooncolonia Angel Queen    MCO f 22                        



Soft and Lazy Feline

MCO n 09 22                     




Gr. Int. Ch.

Everlasting love of Feline Spirit's

MCO ns 09 22                      Black-silver-tabby-wit


Ch.                                       Geoffrey of Green garden      MCO ns 09                         zwart-smoke-wit


ch.                                               st. john's bluejacket             MCO f 09 22

Ch.                                             Kitty v. Opel Dienst                mCO ns 09

Ch.                                      Marylane of loveliness            MCO n 22                          Brown-tabby 

                                     Graeftenhof's Hemmingway                    MCO n 22                 

Ch.                                           Jingle Bells of Tenderness  MCO n 22                  

Kekum Coon's Evita  

MCO n 22                         


                                                  Highlander Child of maine      MCO n 22                          Brown-tabby

                                                            Wynhaven Diesel              MCO d 09 22             
Sydney Child of Maine      MCO g 09 23              


Ayla Lola Knight Street            mCO f 22                           Zwart-tortie 


Ch.                                    Hawkeye Fox Van Coonharbour                      MCO n 22
Fuzzy galleon van coon harbour                                    MCO n 22

= HCM , PKD getest.