Joena Cat's Rifka

Born 01-06-2006 black tortie

Out of the first litter from our Jet and Merlijn came 3 male and 2 female kittens. 4 of them unexpected high white. and 3 non agoutie. This was really a suprice.
I just had to keep one of these girls. This girl has big linx tips on her ears, a strong muzzel and a xxl tail. She is very playfull, and is busy the whole day long.
She was mother of 5 beautyful litters.
After she retired she moved to live with friends of us.


MYBPC dna gen test N/N

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Senoja's Skyler Alexander

29-09-2011 blue tabby blotched


Skyler came to live with us when he was already four month old.
I did not untherstand that nobody wants him.
I like his looks and color a lot.
He is very easy going, and is vriends with all of the other cats here.
He is 1 year old now and weights almost 7 kilo's. He is becoming a big boy.

HCM en PKD  negatief scanded, on 25-09-2012

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Ch. La Restinga's Orlando Bloom 

geb. 07-08-2007  Crème-white

This was our stud for 2 years. He has a very friendly caracter, what he gives also to his kittens. But his hormons kept playing up, so we neutered him.
He is not afraid of anything. He loves to play in the garden and with water.
We kept a son and a daughter from him in our cattery.

HCM en PKD  last scan, negatif , on 30-09-2009
MYBPC dna gen test  -/-

Inbreeding 10,2 %

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Gr.Int.Ch. Joena Cat's La Fayette

 born 8-10-2004  Black-tortie-tabby-blotched-white.

This girl is born in our cattery. I knew right away that she would stay with us.
I love her colors a lot.
She was the only female in a litter of 5 kittens.
For strangers she is a little bit shy, but not for us.
When her little purring motor starts to run it takes a long time before it stops.
She grown up to be a beautyfull type-full cat with big ears with lynx tips on it. She does well on shows.
She is a loving and caring mother for her kittens.
She carries non agoutie.
After she retired she moved to live with friends of us.

inbreeding 12,5 %

HCM PKD  last scan negatief 08-01-2007

MYBPC dna gen test  +/-                   

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